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This is the current startupscreen

Smallstats introduction. Preliminary short manual.

If you are new to 'smallStats', here are a few remarks that can make your learning curve easier. The program is in a spreadsheet-way organised with seven columns. Why seven ? It is sufficient in most case, and we are 'SMALL'stats. The iPad is not a supercomputer, be modest !

There are several ways you can enter data: touching on a column shows one of the two keyboard possibilities. Be aware of the Apples allows to use a split keyboard! A double tap opens a new columns table with the edit, delet or insert options. (new in v1.3). The in/out menu allows you to use data from (pasted) string, from files or from a 'Dropbox'. And there is a choice of demodata.

Most routine windows have an example button. The preferences allow you to switch it off, but it is advised to leave it on. But be aware that it can (and will) overwrite columns with demo data, save you own data first if necessary. Most routine dialogs have a help button.

And most routines have 'WWW' button to redirect to a wikipedia or similar page to give some background information about the routine and a quick access to the web. An internet connection is then necessary, of course. The same is true for the example videos in the regression toolbar items examples
Printing of the content of the results window is possible if a shared printer is available (via WIFI)

If you find it boring to see this introductory screen every time, switch it off in the settings.
Don't forget to look at our website, were the most up to date tips and tricks are collected. Continue to send us remarks, suggestions and bugs that need repair.
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