small and powerful statistics program for the iPad
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  • proportions
    • Wald Interval
    • odds ratio (Mantel-Haenszel)
    • simple arcSin
    • Binomial test
    • R x C test of independence
    • Logistic regression
    • Multistate Categorical independence
    • Use Bayes to estimate proportion
  • Goodness of fit
  • resampling (bootstrap, jacknife)
  • Bayes
    • formula
    • estimate Beta
    • Gibbs sampler one column
    • Gibbs sampler two columns
    • Monte Carlo Markov chain
    • Proportions
    • regression
  • Kaplan Meier
  • K-Means clustering
  • simple Kalman filter
  • Times series
    • set parameters
    • Autocorrelation
    • Fourier transform
    • Moving average
    • Moving difference
    • Decompose
    • Holt-Winters smoothing
    • Hodrick-Presscott filter
    • Christiano-Fitzgerald
    • Baxter-KIng filter
    • Ljung-Box test
    • Plot time series
  • Matrices etc.
    • Covariance matrix
    • Transpose
    • Invert Matrix
    • crop
    • Solve linear equations
    • Singular value decomposition
    • principal components analysis
    • row distances
    • extra's
  • random number generator now in transform menu, column actions.
    • uniform
    • binomial
    • Gaussian
    • geometric
    • Poisson
    • exponential
  • help with counts

- and some extra's

See example output by clicking here

Results are collected in a separate window for easy transfer outside of the program and outside of the iPad.  Plots can be saved in you photo album and so easily transferred to iTunes, iPhoto or any other program, or pasted in an iPad-text with the text editor of your choice. 

Most routines have an example button, to test the routine, compare the results with textbook solutions and as an aid in learning. Example output from the 'miscelaneous' routines, as it is displayed in the 'results view', is shown by clicking here.

The example button can be hidden

See the full list of all smallStats routines by clicking here
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