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FAQ's: frequently asked questions

Where is described how to input data ?

More input possibilties in version 1.3 and up. There is a video describing how.

I understood there are video's available. Where?

Yes, but be warned, they are spoken by a non-native English speaker, so we apolgise for his pronunciation.

The links are here:non linear regrssion and here polynomialRegression. More to follow.

I like some routines added, is that possible?
Probably not, depending on how general your request is, how difficult and if it fits in the memory size of an iPad. But you can always try! Send us an email.
What is Dropbox and can it help?
To transport data from and to another computer, be it an iPad, a Mac, PC, Linux or Android, Dropbox is convenient. And for the amount of data an iPad can handle, the service is free. See the Dropbox website.
What's next?
yeah, the future! But we have ideas about improving the HTML for the results to have an even better layout, about routines like Ripley's K, time-series analysis, improving plotting and the like. iCloud ?
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