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Statistics for science and education, in the field or on the lab bench with your iPad

Scientist or student with an iPad?

smallStats is just for you! On the lab bench, in the field, during conferences, and in education, the calculations immediately at hand. From ANOVA to Kruskal-Wallis, from circular statistics to k-means clustering and Bayes, just ok for a first quick test. With examples from the biomedical and social sciences. With help views and internet references. See the partial list of routines.

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For example: How to use an iPad app to use non-linear regression or polynomial regression? Watch the video:

What's new in v4.5 and its history?

Discover the new features in smallStats 4.5.

iBook: (not yet updated for version 4.5) the smallStats companion (free) visit the iBookstore A pdf file (no movies) is available here. (26 MB), the ibook can also be downloaded on your iPad from here but it takes some time


Introducing the iPad application smallStats

A statistics app not so big that it is overwhelming, with much attention to help, clear output, data entry and the possibility to email the results and the data to (your) email-address. More than 300 routines in your iPad!

Results are collected in a separate window for easy transfer outside of the program and outside of the iPad, printed if a wifi printer is available. Plots are included in the result. Collect and store data to and from csv and json files on external servers, and json on 'Dropbox'.

Most routines have an example button, to test the routine, compare the results with textbook solutions and as an aid in learning. And most routines have a help window and a direct connection to relevant internet pages.
See a (not complete) list of routines. And some screenshots here .

The example button can be hidden, as can the startupscreen with introductory text.

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